ECO FRIENDLY building systems


Every day more and more builders & owners wishes better and healthier living standard. Our health is most precious asset, vital segment for us and our family.

We are daily spending more then 85% in closed rooms and areas. Micro climate condition and air quality in rooms and closed areas effects us continuously.  VITALITY building systems improve our lifestyle and health condition.
Healthy building is not a luxury, it is benefit for builders & owners VITALITY home with best ratio value-for-money.

Think about Your HEALTH!

Throw out numerous tests and analaysis which You can find in every house or closed room indoor air quality is basic for healthy living.

Poor quality harms you and your family with lots of symptoms like tiredness, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, skin rashes up to asthma. Harmful substances in closed areas escape from walls, floor and furniture.


We take very big concern to eliminate bad and harmefull impacts…this is how we fight them..

WOOD – best from nature

With quality wood process of drying and conditioning. we get excellent structural elements, without harmeful chemical preservers

Certified building materials

Relevant materials with highest quality assure best “dry” construction

Fresh air intake

With installation air recuperation unit, you have continuously nature freshness in your home


Having sufficient daylight is very important for your health. Having natural feeling in house with clever windows selection…

Sound impact & insulation

Regarding our top quality VITALITY materials used in construction, outdoor noise is highly reduced..


All our VITALITY systems are low energy building  by default.  Energy-conscious building means saving energy.

Low-energy buildings and  houses require far less energy than the current new classical buildings ( concrete, masonry..etc).

For low-energy houses, efficient heating and building services are the top priority. Together with market top equipment manufacturers we ensure that your VITALITY home is up to date with the building services industry.


Usually you can not see, hear or feel pollutants.

Nevertheless, they are a significant burden for your healthy living.

The natural building material “wood” makes a VITALITY home ecologically and biologically harmless.

WOOD as a organic material  also has the ability to adjust its moisture content to the surrounding climate. It means that when the indoor humidity is high, it extracts quantities of water from the air which is released again in dry air.

Healthier surrounding and relative humidity remains always in the pleasant range.